Volk Digital Wide Field

Ideal for High Resolution Small Pupil Pan Retinal Examination

The newest generation of our Classic 90D Lens, the Digital Wide Field® Lens, gives the widest field of view in the slit lamp lens range. You’ll get crystal clear imaging from the central to the peripheral retina, including ora serrata, even without dilation. Our 3rd generation 90D lens offers 40% more field of view than the classic 90D, while maintaining a comparable magnification. With superior optical coating and high index glass you’ll get bright imaging with no distortion.

  • 103° / 124° field of view
  • 0.72x image magnification
  • 1.39x laser spot magnification
  • 4-5 mm working distance
  • Enhanced double aspheric design paired with high index glass provides highest resolution stereo image, even through small pupils
  • Shorter working distance gives appreciation of the full wide field of view capability of this lens
  • Available in black
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