About us

Mian Enterprises is firmly dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions that empower eye care professionals to deliver high-quality patient care, enhance practice management, and foster practice growth. We specialize in supplying top-tier surgical ophthalmic products that not only address chronic conditions but also significantly improve the quality of life for patients.

Founded in 2007 by Mian Naeem Ullah, our headquarters are situated in the esteemed Deans Trade Center in Peshawar, Pakistan. Mian Enterprises boasts a prominent position as a manufacturer of ophthalmic surgical instruments and disposable items, with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Philosophy

Mian Enterprises operates as a continuous improvement entity, underpinned by a staunch commitment to honesty in our business practices, relationships, and product offerings, all rooted in a foundation of accountability. We actively encourage feedback from our customers and team members, fostering a proactively evolving company.

Our investment

We invest in the long-term by forging strategic partnerships with Eye Care Providers, aimed at enhancing the quality of the patient’s eye care experience. This approach enables Mian Enterprises to stay relevant by focusing on both patient care quality and the operational efficiency of individual practices.

Our Solution Based Products

Guided by our core values of integrity and quality, we are deeply committed to providing solution-based products that elevate the patient care experience. Since our inception, Mian Enterprises has centered its efforts on serving the needs of eye care practices, with a focus on ophthalmic surgical instruments and various supporting tools.

Our approach

At Mian Enterprises, our commitment is to offer informed and relevant solutions grounded in truth. We begin by actively listening and asking probing questions to truly understand the root of any issue. Our professionalism is underscored by our ability to think creatively and differently. We lead with a consultative approach that is adaptable and focused on delivering value. Our goal is to address issues comprehensively, rather than merely promoting products. We adopt a strategic, rather than tactical, approach with the aim of creating a mutually beneficial partnership between Mian Enterprises and the Eye Care Provider.

Our Commitment

In addition to our unswerving dedication to continuous improvement, truth, accountability, strategic relationships, a consultative approach, a commitment to quality eye care experiences, solution-driven product offerings, relevance, and professionalism…

Our Partners

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