KOWA Anansee Clear Preloaded(CP) 2.2R

Avansee Preload 1P from Kowa Company. Ltd. is a foldable posterior chamber single-piece aspheric intraocular lens (IOL) that is preloaded in a single-use Kowa original injector. The lens is made of a UV-absorbing hydrophobic soft acrylic material which also contains proprietary blue-light filtering. The configuration of haptics is modified-C.

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Avansee Preload1P
Model name CP2.2R
Type 1-piece IOL with modified C-loop haptics
Lens model
Material Hydrophobic Soft Acrylic
Lens-edge design 360 degree square edge
Index of refraction 1.519 (35℃)
Spherical power range + 6.0 to + 30.0 diopter ( 0.5D increments)
A-constant* Ultrasound : 118.6
Optical : 119.0 (SRK/T)
Incision size +6.0 to 26.0 diopter : 2.4mm (cornea) /
2.2mm (sclera cornea)
+26.5 to 30.0 diopter : 2.6mm (cornea) /
2.4mm (sclera cornea)



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